Friday, May 31, 2019

can you he'p me?


I want to use a number of sites that I can search for newspaper stories.  There are a couple of them.

Trouble is that while I can give my gmail address, I don’t have my gmail address pass word.  How do I find it? I can‘t sign on without it – damned if I know how to find out what it is, or change it.  Got any advice? Is there a link available? He’p me, he’p me!

Please respond to this and my gmail address.

After today I have but one work day left at this ferschlugner place, Monday June 3rd.  I’ve been cleaning up my work area for the newbie coming in.  My split-tail supervisor can hardly contain her glee at my leaving! Indeed, it’s apparent few here will miss me…and the feeling is shared. I’m going to bring in an old pair of shoes and leave them on my desk just before I leave with a note reading: “Good luck filling these.” I hope to bring in my portable speaker and blast my music out, or at least one time with the song “Maggie’s Farm!” Maybe some other whacky mayhem, I don’t know yet. What are they gonna do, fire me?

Then the “golden years” begin. I hope they will actually be golden! I think I’m going to finish this damn book I’m writing and finish the editing of the one just published-it’s a long story- catch up on a mountain of books I haven’t been able to read, then see about buying a recumbent bike and take up bee keeping, smoke a little weed and grudgingly carrying out the dreaded and no doubt ever expanding “honey do” lists. Other than that I have no plans except to live another decade. Sounds like a plan to me.

Trump delenda est!