Saturday, July 17, 2010

18th Century Ship Unearthed At World Trade Center Construction Site

18th Century Ship Unearthed At World Trade Center Construction Site than a minute ago via TweetMeme

Monday, July 5, 2010

Memphis Union Appeal, July 2, 1862

2, Martial orders relative to prohibition of liquor sales, protection of Union flag, possession of firearms. restrictions upon lewd women and theft in Memphis*

I. The guard stationed in will have the utmost vigilance to discover the parties who are in the habit of selling intoxicating liquors in defiance of orders. Persons found guilty of violations...will be at once arrested, his liquor of business closed....This order applies on steamboats as well as the city.

II. The insulting or accosting of loyal citizens will no longer be tolerated under any circumstances. Union citizens who have placed the American flag over their houses will be protected....the Provost Guard are instructed to shoot down anyone who may attempt to remove the flag or molest the owner of the premises.

III. Those without permission to carry firearms will] be placed in closed confinement. Only police may carry firearms. The members of the Police are required to report themselves immediately to this office and register their names, stating the number of the ward where they perform police duty.

IV. Lewd women are prohibited from conversing with soldiers on duty; nor will they be allowed to walk the streets after sunset. Anyone of the class indicated who shall violate this order will be conveyed across the river, and will not be allowed to return within the limits of the city.

V. Some unknown person, representing himself as "Capt. J.K. Lindsey, Co. K, 43d Ill. Vol. has committed several depredations by entering private houses and taking private property, giving a receipt for same, under the pretense that he is acting by authority of the Provost Marshal. [remainder illegible]

Memphis Union Appeal, July 2, 1862
*Ed. note - not referenced in OR.