Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3/8/61, Honey and trouble

An Alderman in Trouble.—On Friday, Mr. P. Triplet was engaged in depositing in the kitchen of Madame Miller, some jars of honey she had ordered, when he was seen by one of the city aldermen, who gave information that he was engaged in peddling without a license. Mr. Triplet was examined on the charge yesterday morning before the recorder, but proving that the honey had been ordered, he was of course acquitted. He then entered a charge against the alderman to the effect that as he entered the kitchen of Madame Miller to deliver the honey, he found within it the alderman in question, who was in the act of hugging a negro girl. An examination of the circumstances was set for to-morrow.

Memphis Daily Appeal, March 10, 1861.

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