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April 9 - Tennessee Civil War Notes

April 9, 1861, Domestic violence in Memphis

Domestic Felicity - Mike Moriorty and his better half, Mary, have been a source of annoyance to the police for a year or two past. Both exhibit an undue fondness of "Dean's Strychnine," and when under its influence, become imbued with a decidedly belligerent spirit. At one time Mike is arrested for whipping Mary, and at another, Mary is required to answer in police court for disfiguring the physiognomy of her pugnacious lord. Mary is a bruiser and generally gets the best of the little "mills" between herself and loving husband. Last night in a friendly set-to Mary was worsted. He will have his trial tomorrow.

Memphis Argus, April 9, 1861.



9, "The Victorious o­n the Field of Shiloh."
It is our proud privilege this morning, to congratulate our fellow citizens throughout the Confederacy, our fellow-citizens throughout the Confederacy, o­n the success that has crowned our arms o­n the corpse-heaped plain of Shiloah [sic]. For two days have the brave soldiers of the South, stood the utmost efforts the finest troops the North could make against them. Men well drilled, armed with the most perfect weapons, modern skill can produce, and in possession of those numerous advantages which the expenditure of unstinted millions, and free access to the workshops of Europe impart, were driven before them in ignominious flight.  Breast to breast our gallant boys stood before the confident foe; but unawed by their swelling cohorts, their proud array their pompous panoply, they charged them with a weapon no art can produce no money buy – the chivalrous attribute of Southern COURAGE [sic]. With sparkling eye, cheek unblenched, eager step, and unfailing soul, they marched o­n the opposing ranks – they baffled their mightiest efforts, they subdued their loftiest rage, they drove back their seried [sic] files, and taught the vaunting legions that brave hearts and iron wills, sting by a sense of wrong, and fired with the ardor of patriotism, cannot be conquered.  In the pages of history the hard-won field of Shiloah [sic] will have a name among the great battle-grounds of the world.
Memphis Daily Appeal, April 9, 1862.

9, The Courageous Governor.

"Gov. Harris in the Field."

Governor Harris was present on the field during the terrible struggle at Shiloah [sic], and while there he played a brave and active part. We learn that, in the course of the action on Sunday [6th]. A Tennessee regiment, on being ordered to the charge, showed some symptoms of wavering. Gen. Johnston called the attention of the Governor to the fact. That gentleman at once rode up to the regiment, addressed to them a few stirring, thrilling words, and placing himself at their head, ordered the charge. The charge was made – it proved unsuccessful. Again he led them, and, the second time the enemy stood the shock. A third time he brought them to the contest, and with a vigor so determined, that the foe gave way and retreated, leaving a considerable number of prisoners on the hands of the Tennessee boys and their gallant Governor.
Memphis Daily Appeal, April 9, 1862.

Pittsburg Landing

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