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5.15.14 Tennessee Civil War Notes

        15, Memphis committee of safety censors negro preaching and church services
Negro Preaching.—Two weeks ago service in the negro churches was interdicted. The committee of safety have modified this as follows: Resolved, That the order for the suspension of negro preaching be so modified that when the regular minister of a church, attended by respectable white [sic] persons, will agree to hold afternoon services, that the same be allowed.
Memphis Daily Appeal, May 15, 1861.
        15, Confederate plans to insure loyalty of obstinate East Tennessee unionists
Knoxville, Tenn., May 15, 1862.
ROBERT B. RHEA, Deputy Provost-Marshal, Blountsville:
Yours of the 14th instant to hand. It would be well to see that all men that have attempted to stampede to Kentucky will take the oath before they shall be recognized as citizens; and if they refuse to do so and you are convinced that they have attempted to join the enemy then it is your duty to arrest them and report the same to these headquarters. * * *
W. M. CHURCHWELL, Col. and Provost-Marshal.

OR, Ser. I, Vol. 1, p. 888.

        15, "Military Execution"
To-day, at 12 o'clock M., Julius Melika, of General Morgan's command, will be shot to death, for desertion of an aggravated nature. The execution will take place near College Hill.
Nashville Daily Press, May 15, 1863.

Friday 15th
At 11 o'clock All [sic] our regt formed on the coller [sic] lines for the purposes of joyining [sic] our Devision a little way from town where a man was to be shot for diserting [sic] he was a member of the 10th Michigan after diserting his regt he joined the first Tennessee infantry and received 10 dollars bounty money and soon after diserted [sic] again he was arrested in Louisville and brought hear [sic] some months ago and was tried and sentenced by a Court Martial to be shot today at 12 o'clock about one mile and a half from town close to the Granny White turn pike: there was a great many spectators our devision [sic] formed a large Square, no one was admited [sic] inside only that that had business Colonel [Charles M.] Lum of the 10th Michigan paised [sic] 20 paises [sic] sticking his sword up to mark the place
Soon the ambulance drove in escorted by a Squadrin [sic] of cavalry after they reached the place where he was to be executed the coffin was taken out of the ambulance and set down the prisener [sic] came out also, and knelt on his coffin in prayr [sic] with the ministers then took his seat on the coffin and received the fatal volley which sent him into the presence of god
he was a native of Prussia he lost his father when very young but had a good Mother and received a fare [sic] education and religious training  his Mother depended on him wholly for support but his mind became corrupt through [sic] the influence of bad company he said while sitting on the coffin to the ministers ["]I hope my death will serve as a warning to all Soldiers.["] he died in the hope that god had forgiven his sins his last words expressed was ["]take good aim all is over now.["] when he received the volley he went backwards over his coffien [sic] falling on the ground on the other side it was a horrable [sic] sight 5 Bullets [sic] entered his breast, once entered his forhead [sic] passing through his brains every bullet entered as there was only 6 guns [that] had  had bullets in the other one loaded with blank cartadges [sic] he was placed in his coffin and buried right where he was shot
General Morgan drilled us in Brigad [sic] drill for nearly 2 hours before we returned to camp….
John Hill Fergusson Diary, Book 3.
        15, Matters concerning the surrender of Col. Fielding Hurst's brother-in-law Chandler
Brig. Gen. EDWARD HATCH, Eastport, Miss.:
….Summon Chandler to surrender, and, if he refuses, declare him an outlaw and treat him accordingly, and inform the people that hereafter all illegal bands will be regarded and treated as outlaws. Will direct Van Duzer to place a battery on the line of sufficient strength to answer all purposes.
GEO. H. THOMAS, Maj.-Gen., U. S. Army, Cmdg.
OR, Ser. I, Vol. 49, pt. II, p. 791
        ca. 15, Initiation of River reconnaissance above Nashville by U. S. N.
Order of Acting Rear-Admiral Lee, U. S. Navy, to Lieutenant-Commander Fitch, U. S. Navy, acknowledging a copy of order for a reconnoissance above Nashville.
Mound City, March 15, 1865
Yours of the 8th (not found) is received, enclosing a copy of your order to Acting Volunteer Lieutenant Glassford to make a reconnoissance above Nashville at General Thomas's Request. Your instructions seem judicious.
Point Burnside is not laid down upon military maps; please refer to it in connection with some well-known point, as hereafter indicated.
S. P. Lee
Acting Rear-Admiral, Commanding Mississippi Squadron
Navy OR, Ser. I, Vol. 27, p. 102.

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