Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28 - Tennessee Civil War Notes

28, Description of the activities at Purdy and Savannah, Tennessee

Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.

Savannah, Tenn., March 28,

Via Cairo, March 29.

….Purdy Court-House is now full of Union men of that place. The latter are fearful of having their houses and all their property destroyed. Squads of rebel soldiers are already seizing all their provisions and everything that can be of use to the army. Owners of cotton are particularly alarmed….A man named Morris, one of the Jessie Scouts, was hung at Savannah on Sunday for horse stealing, and other depredations, from private citizens thereabout. 

Chicago Times, March 31, 1862.



March, Monday 28, 1864
We are not afraid of Gun Boats ….

Tate and Anna Nelson went to Memphis this morning - got back safe Mr. Tommerry gave Tate up all of her things the U. S. G. confiscated, she brought them all safe through the lines, they belong to Mr. Wallace, who will be delighted to hear they are recovered. Mr. Harbut & Jim went off scouting, did not return until late this evening. We have had glorious news today - Mo. McCulloch captured Germantown, & still moving forward. Forrest is having glorious victory in Kentucky - Hickman & Paducah, both held by our forces - the Yanks are shelling Paducah. We are not afraid of Gun Boats - Father of justice and mercy, crown our armies with victory, drive the wicked tyrants from our Sunny land - we humbly crave thy pardon & blessing - oh! give us peace - guide my Bros, protect them from harm. 
I made my white swiss skirt, played drafts with Mr. Pugh, he beat me badly - trimed the Rose trees - have spent a very pleasant day - and am so happy tonight after the good news - God bless our dear Soldiers and Officers. 
I worship Jeff Davis and every Rebel in Dixie - 

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