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June 15 - Tennessee Civil War Notes

15, A soldier's prayer, and entry in the diary of Charles Alley
Ordered out this morning with three days rations and 110 rounds of ammunition to the man. This looks as though it was meant we should pay or respect to the enemy while we are out. Lord make us to be successful and enable us to go forth trusting in Thee, and giving Thee the Glory of every success, and for me – be my shield and buckler in the day of battle, and if I too should lie on the bloody field – may my spirit be caught up to thy throne in heaven and then all with me shall forever be well. May thy [sic] love and blessing go with my adopted country still – with my dear old mother country and with all that I have ever been kind or even unkind in both quiet a thunder shower last night [sic].

Alley Diary



15, Entry from Alice Williamson's Diary, Sumner County
In all the doings of the Yanks their fiendish acts today will ballance [sic] them all. They brought a man in today and hung him up by the thumbs to make him tell where he came from: he told them but they would not believe him. He fainted three times. They took him down at three o'clock to shoot him I have not heard whether they did so or not. They would neither give him food or water though he begged for the latter often. This was done by order of "the Nicklen."
Williamson Diary



ca. June 15, 1864, Rout of Confederates at Broylesville*
No circumstantial reports filed.

Report of Capt. Robert Morrow, Assistant Adjutant-Gen., U. S. Army.
HDQRS. DEPARTMENT OF THE OHIO, Knoxville, Tenn., July 15, 1864.
GEN.: Capt. G. W. Kirk, Third North Carolina Volunteer Infantry, has just returned from a highly successful expedition into Western North Carolina. The following is a correct summary of the results of the expedition: He marched with about 130 men from Morristown o­n the 13th of June, and proceeded, via Bull's Gap. Greeneville, Tenn., and Crab Orchard, to Camp Vance, within six miles of Morganton, N. C. At Broylesville, Tenn., he met the enemy, routing them, with a loss of 1 commissioned officer and 10 men killed; number of wounded unknown....
* * * *

Capt. and Assistant Adjutant-Gen.
OR, Ser. I, Vol. 39, pt. I, p. 234.

[* Ed. note - Broylesville is in southwestern Washington County, very close to the Greene County line.]

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