Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12 - Tennessee Civil War Notes

12, “Those Who Dance Must Pay the Piper.”
Just as we go to press, observing the street blockaded in front of the Irving Prison, we gather the following items of a “big thing.” It seems that a sort of bran [sic] dance was going on, on Main street, near Beal, in which ladies of easy virtue bore a prominent part. The uproar had become so tremendous that word was sent to Gen. Hurlbut. A word and a blow; and the blow first. The General ordered the whole audience arrested; the result is that sixty one are walking solemnly inside that bourne from whence no traveler returns -- before morning. We could moralize on this. Late as it is, we could overhaul our Soloman and make a note on it. Sancho Panza would assist us with old saws, and even Shakespeare might yield a thought upon such varieties as incipient manhood is prone to indulge in and their tremendous consequences. But spare, friends. We drop a tear at the thought of these three score convivants without musquito [sic] bars , ice, or other comforters wearing out the night under charge of Capt. Emerson.
Memphis Bulletin, September 12, 1863.

12, Prisoner of war John Bachman, with Captain Tevitt’s Local Defense Troops (Confederate), in Knoxville to his wife Rachel in Sullivan County
Knoxville Sept[.] 12th 1863
Dear wife I was captured at Jonesborough[.] I am well except a very sore ancle [sic] I wish you would send me a good pair of socks and 2 shirts and a good Blanket [sic] or an overcoat and pants[;] put them in a sachel [sic] or haversac [sic] dont [sic] greeve [sic] after me[.] I cant [sic] tell the Boys to take care of the Crop as well as they can keep what grain you have[.] Get Lynes or bob [sic] to see to your claims &c.
Andy Coleman ose [sic] $16.00 & Thomas Hickman $10.00[.] Borrowed at Salt Works[.] I have no time to write you much satisfactions [sic] there is with me J. H. Grouch [sic] Jon Ball Edmon Wheelock & others of my friends[.] We expect to be sent to Camp Chase and if it should be so we many Remain [sic] some months[.]
So I remain your affectionate Husband
John Bachman
WPA Civil War Records, Vol. I, p. 126.

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