Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Red Star Animal Emergency Services

The Red Star Animal Emergency Services began doing animal relief in August, 1916, by accepting an invitation of the War Department to help animals used by the U.S. Army during WW I. The invitation resulted in the development of the American Red Star Animal Relief Program known today as Animal Emergency Services. The Red Cross helped men used by the War Department.

Since its inception,the American Humane's Red Star Animal Emergency Services has responded to national and international disasters, rescuing thousands of animals, as well as participating in numerous human rescues. Animal rescue technology and expertise has advanced drastically throughout the years. Today, American Humane's Animal Emergency Services includes a fleet of emergency response vehicles customized to help animals in disasters -- specialized rescue equipment designed specifically for animal search and rescue.

It is unlikely that Lenin, & etc., infringed on any copyright the Red Star may have had at the time.

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