Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lady Godiva’s 9/8/1864, Nashville carriage-ride

“Disgusting Sight

On Thursday [8th] afternoon last, at about six o’clock,, the good citizens of Cherry street, from Cedar to Broad, as well, doubtless, many others, were treated to a sight so loathsome, abominable and insufferably disgusting, that it would be allowed no mention in our columns, were it not to call forth the effective arm of our corporation law and authorities to prevent the repetition of a similar occurrence. A fleshy, (truth will not permit us to say fair) fille de joie [sic] , whose sense of modesty seemed wholly to have been merged in the large development of her physical charms, entirely nude from her waist heavenward, in an open hack, drove rapidly up Cherry street. She was attired in a deep red dress, a jaunty hat trimmed with red, and reminded us of (we intended to quote Shakespeare about Patience sitting on a monument, but “in order to suit the times: we will say) she reminded us of a conflict of arms in the ocean of blood. As she passed the Maxwell Barracks , the hundreds of soldiers both in and near it, set up a lusty and continuous shout of admiration and she was carried past the Post Office building on an enthusiasm so wild and hearty that it can, as the novelists say, “better be imagined than described.” We have somewhere seen the expression “there is a pleasure in being mad, which hone but madmen feel.” There may be a pleasure to these frail daughters of humanity in thus airing in the grateful evening air, but it is a pleasure we would fain believed shared in by none other than themselves. Against such indecency we enter the grave and indignant protest of ourselves, and in the name of our good citizens, and for the sake of our pure women, we earnestly hope our city authorities will promptly and rigidly see that this disgraceful and degrading spectacle shall never again stain the fair name of our good city, we thing that the women who thus exposes to, and pollutes the public view with her disgusting nudeness, should be fined and punished to the full extent of the law.- We think the hack driver who engages in such a business, would have his licensee taken from him, his horses and carriage confiscated, himself fined to the fullest extent, and, as a just finale to the whole affair, be sent to work for ninety days.

Nashville Daily Press, September 10, 1864.

Note: Girls just want to have fun. 

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