Sunday, November 21, 2010

Plant Opium.

            Dr. R. E. Fullerton having had large experience during the last seven years in the successful cultivation of opium, has invented an improved mode of gathering it, by which o­ne hand can gather more than forty hands can collect by the old, slow and tedious process of incisions and scraping.  He wishes to engage, o­n very favorable terms, in the cultivation of Opium with planters who have very fertile lands and an abundance of manure or cotton seed, either rotted or unrotted.  Those who wish to engage should apply forthwith, as now is the planting season.  Seed, with all necessary instructions, will be furnished.  Planters can cultivate and gather from 10 to 30 acres without materially interfering with other crops.  It is a very important, interesting and very lucrative business.         

   Also, we will pay in money, opium, laudanum, or paregoric, for any amount, large or small, of poppy, anise, or sweet fennel seed.  Ladies having collected such seed from their flower gardens will do an act of patriotism by responding to this call, as we will take a contract to furnish the Government with Opium.  My Opium is, in morphia, twice as rich as many samples of imported Opium which now command $120 per pound.        
 We already have effected arrangements with planters to plant about sixty acres, and wish to get contracts for about as much more.  Opium is a crop which, when ready, must be gathered immediately, or it is lost, and therefore it is that very little success has attended the usual mode of obtaining it.      
 Persons wishing to engage should address immediately Dr. R. E. Fullerton, Demopolis, Alabama, or call for him at the Railroad Hotel, Demopolis, o­n Wednesdays or Saturdays, between the hours of 11 o'clock A.M., and 2 P.M.  And those having the above named seed to spare, will confer a great favor by informing him of the same, and for which they shall be liberally compensated.
SELMA MORNING REPORTER, November 18, 1863 

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