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June 15 - Tennessee Civil War Notes

15, Letter to Military Governor Andrew Johnson relative to termination Confederate guerrilla activity in White, Putnam and Overton counties
Shelbyville June 15th 1862
Gov. Andrew Johnson
I have just learned of some facts connected with the Gurilla [sic] warfare of the Sesesh [sic] in the county of White Putnam & Overton [sic] which I hope ;you will take prompt action in suppressing if you have the authority to act in the premises. A soldier from Corinth is now at my house who has taken the Oath of alligiance [sic] and was a Union man from the first, & whom I have know all his life says that he learned from men who came to Corinth from Sparta that there was private parties in white [county] who banded together and visited Overton & the Kentucky counties o­n the border and killed Union men and plundered them of property, then laid aside their weapons and claimed to be citizens. I know they have never been soldiers, the whole bands [sic] are my acquaintances and they are rich and influential in white and always was tyranical [sic]. I also learn that E L. Gardenhire is raising a band for some purpose[.] whilst [sic] I respect the Judge as a man I am down o­n his acts. If [sic] your Excellency thinks It [sic] proper to take some steps to suppress those rebels I will be at your command to give whatever aid I can. I wish to accompany the troops should any go, as I know every path in the whole country night or day & all the citizens. I wish to make a Speech to the citizens & raise the old Flag of our country o­nce more in my native county. as [sic] a Democrat I have a great influence in that part of the country. as [sic] a soldier I am well posted, in the art of war; as to who I am, I cannot fully show by the good citizens of this place as my acquaintance is limited here. I am here as a refugee from White Co. being [sic] a Union man I thought It [sic] more safe to leave my Native [sic] Co. o­ne [sic] more thing I will state as I received It. [sic] two [sic] from white visited the camp of Lt Col [sic] G. G. Dibrell of the 25th Tenn vol. And in a confidential manner told Dibrell that Sam Turney had offered the Notorious Capt Forguson [sic] of Overton (who killed Ples Armstrong of Old Monroe,) that he would give him o­ne thousand dollars if he would kill Andrew Johnson. my [sic] informant secretly over heard the whole conversation and he is a reliable man. the [sic] men who told It [sic] stand high in white [sic][.] I know them well. o­ne [sic] is the son of old Leftwich the merchant there. now [sic] It [sic] will be but a short job to clean out all these bandittas [sic] if a thousand men could be sent o­n horseback and be properly guided. they [sic] can subsist o­n the wealthy Gurillas [sic] in that county[.] they [sic] have plenty. whilst [sic] I have always loved the south, If I could not do justice to my conscience or country, and not give this information, and if I had been the worst of secessionists, I would revolt at the mode of establishing Its [sic] independence; I am poor by but whatever I have I will spend In [sic] relieving [sic] my; Native county from those murderers if I can have an opportunity. I can take my family to Nashville whilst I go up there. Now Gov [sic] confer with the proper authorities as to the expediency; [sic] of this thing and if you wish to see me, summon me to Nashville & I will be there promptly when I can tell you more than I can write. I send this letter by Dr A Matson [sic] who has known me some time partially, and can tell you of my courage as a man to accomplish what I undertake, or my knowlidge [sic] of the people and country. I remain your with
High respect
Andrew J. Hall.
PAJ, Vol. 5, pp. 478-479.

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