Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 19 - Tennessee Civil War Notes

19, "Mechanics and Refugees."
The depots, on Sunday, were crowded with refugees, and mechanics, the former from below, and the latter from above, and their destination respectively North and South. Several families of refugees, with an almost unlimited number of flax-haired children, left in the train for Louisville yesterday morning.
Nashville Dispatch, April 19, 1864.


19, Elopement and Cuckholdry in Nashville
"Sloped and Eloped"
Dame Rumor says that before the "snaik man sloped," [sic] a former Lieutenant in the Federal army eloped with the wife of a friend, leaving the disconsolate husband and interesting children to take care of themselves. What the said Lieutenant has done, or intends to do, with his own wife, the good dame is not advised, but promises developments in due course.*
Nashville Dispatch, April 19, 1864.
* Ed. note - apparently the story dropped from the columns and no new news about the story was printed.

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