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December 24 - Tennessee Civil War Notes

   24, Christmas Eve in Cleveland

….we went over to see Mr. Walcott (the wounded soldier), he is worse this eve. It looks so gloomy and cheerless over there, I have felt so sad ever since I was there. Oh, if he would o­nly get well….What a gloomy Xmas eve this, how unlike other Xmases [sic] I have passed. Will I ever enjoy myself as well again? Rhoda came in form Aunt' E's this eve to enjoy, no not enjoy, but pass Xmas. She is now reading our hero "Stonewall Jackson's Life" to Mother. [sic] R. and I fixed up a few ground nuts, walnut and hickory nuts for Stephney's stocking. Oh, so sad is our like at this time. If I could o­nly see into the future, but it does no good to record sad thoughts and gloomy scenes, so I will close my journal….The Yanks have reinforced, are looking for the "Rebs" tomorrow.

Diary of Myra Adelaide Inman, p. 223.




24, Skirmish at Nashville

No circumstantial reports filed. 

The only apparent mention of the skirmish, is in the report to the Adjutant General's Office concerning the mutiny of Anderson's Cavalry on December 26, 1862.

INSPECTOR-GEN.'S DEPARTMENT, Washington, D. C., February 4, 1863.

ADJUTANT-GEN. U. S. ARMY, Washington, D. C.:

SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report as the result of my investigations relative to the Anderson Cavalry, covering and in addition to my report by telegraph from Nashville, Tenn., on the 27th ultimo, made pursuant to instructions from the Secretary of War, as per your letter to me of the 17th of January, 1863.

From Official documents, the reports of officers and enlisted men of the regiment, and from officers and other sources outside, the information obtained appears to establish in this case, in substance, the following facts:

* * * * 

The regiment arrived at Nashville December 24, 1862. On the next [December 25] day a foraging party was sent out, which had a skirmish with the enemy, in which 1 man was lost. That night there was considerable excitement, and complaints made that their officers were inexperienced and incompetent.

* * * * 

OR, Ser. I, Vol. 20, pt. I, pp. 345-346

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