Friday, February 10, 2012

February 10 - Tennessee Civil War Notes

10, A plea to regulate the price of corn so as to provide food for the poor instead of for the production of whiskey, in the Fort Donelson environs
Near Fort Donelson
February 10th 1864
Governor Johnson

Dear Sir

There is a gradeal [sic] of suffering of the Poor in a good many Locallities, the Nwstrn [Northwestern] R Road have foraged heavy for a Long ways on both Sides but thay [sic] having [sic] reacht [sic] the main Corn regions that is Duck & Cumberland Rivers & those Corn rasors wont sell except at awful Pri[c]es & that in green Backs & there is a still up running of the Neighborhood of Cumberlin Citty [sic] about 21 miles below Clarksville l& that make a 25 or 30, Dollrs [sic] worth of whiskey out of a barrel of Corn & he has a Large amont on hand & a Lage [sic] amont [sic] in juges [sic] at Lage [sic] figurs[.] [sic] now it that Still was stopt [sic] as all the rest has bin it would give a gradeal [sic] of corn to fead, [sic] the Poor & if it Could be it ought to have th [sic] Prce [sic] of Corn regulated & those that hav [sic] maid [sic] to Let those that dont [sic] have [and] are a seffering [sic] hav [sic] at a far [sic] Pri[c]es.

There is a plenty of men that helpt to get up the rebelion [sic] & Promised men that if they would go into the servis [sic] there [sic] wifes & Children should hav [sic] a plenty that is a Litting [sic] them suffer[.] in be half [sic] of those wimin [sic] & children Pleas [sic] do what you Can -- I under stand that there is a nother [sic] still house abilidng [sic] be Low Clarksville [sic] & have ingaged [sic] Corn at Large figers [sic] & if there was a stop to all disstilling [sic] of grain it would be gradeal. [sic] 

...I am Loyal & I was inducted in General Rusous [sic] office on Decr 31, 63, as an imploye [sic] of the united states [sic]. 

Yor [sic] Truly,

G. M. Stewart

Papers of Andrew Johnson, Vol. p. 611.


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