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September 9 - Tennessee Civil War Notes

9, Female contraband population increase in Nashville
Female Slaves.
We learn that there is in the city a considerable number of female slaves, who have fled from the famine and general distress which now prevails in the lower counties. Now why cannot these women be sent immediately to the various hospitals to perform that labor which they can do better than any one else. Women are naturally nurses, and attend to sick rooms far better than men. Let the soldiers be kept in the ranks, and these negro women be placed where they will not only be provided for, but do service.
Nashville Daily Union, September 9, 1862.

9, Skirmish at Friar's Island
HDQR. FIRST BRIG., FOURTH DIV., 14TH ARMY CORPS, Friar's Island, September 9, 1863--10 p. m.
Capt. OLDERSHAW, Assistant Adjutant-Gen.:
I respectfully report that two of my regiments at 1 o'clock to-day had driven the First Georgia Cavalry away from this vicinity with only a slight skirmish.
* * * *
JOHN T. WILDER, Col., Comdg.
OR, Ser. I, Vol. 30, pt. III, pp. 495-496.

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