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31, Thoughts concerning secession in Jackson

No improvement in Political matters on the contrary grow worse. Some 6 or 7 states have seceded but little hope is entertained for the safety of the Union. At convention of this State is too slow to take a position. The people of Tennessee are conservative, love the Union, and will bear much long before going to severe measures.

Robert H. Cartmell Diary, January 31, 1861.



ca. 31-February 1, 1863, Gossip while planning an opera for the benefit of a hospital for "Morgan's men" in McMinnville; one view from the upper rungs of the Tennessee-Confederate domestic front, an excerpt from the War Journal of Lucy Virginia French

Mollie has got neck deep into a concert and tableaux business for the benefit of the Hospital here. Mrs. Nicholson has been much engaged in the hospital at Bowling Green a long time and in Nashville made it her special business to carry aid and comfort to all sick or imprisoned Confederates. The Concert, etc. is to come off tomorrow evening -- "Providence permitting and the creek don't rise" which latter however, form the continuous rain of this morning, the said stream seems very greatly inclined to do. The Hospital etc. is for the benefit of Morgan men what are "around" just now, though [Brigadier-General] John Hamilton himself is off on an expedition in some of the lower counties. His wife and sister-in-law are still here at Dr. Armstrong's. I called to see the ladies yesterday and found them pretty and pleasant, and exceedingly complimentary. Mrs. Morgan is really quite an elegant lady--very graceful and insinuating ----her manner is very much like that of Narcissa Saunders. Miss Ready talks well bug is not as elegant a woman as her sister. There was quite a "row" among the girls about inviting Mary Armstrong [a Union supporter] to take part in the concert but after a great fracas--it was decided that on Miss Reedy's account----she should be invited. Mrs. Nicholson will have her hands full with some of the "raw material" of her "opera"---it is raw and turbulent besides. I believe Mary was very much wounded by not being invited and will perform tho; not asked until the "eleventh hour" and then only on her cousin's account. She cannot forego an opportunity to "show off" at all hazards and "to take the last extremity." I was quite amused at her mother yesterday,--she followed me to the gate to whisper to me that Gen. Hardee and Gen. Browne would be up on the cars that evening. Gen. H. to see Alive [sic] --which was a secret [sic] -- and they did say that Gen. Browne was very much take with Mary and was coming expressly, etc. etc. etc. [sic] "I tell you now it tickled ME. [sic] Gen Brown "taken" with Marry Armstrong! He had seen her one day last week at Tulahoma [sic] -- when Miss Alice and Mary and Anne McMurry says "took Gen. Hardee home."---But I declare it's too bad to be laughing at them thus when I was so cordially [greeted] by all, and treated so "confectionarily" [sic] all, Mrs. John Hamilton especially!-----The "situations" seems to be at a stand still. I went to visit Grandma Lyon yesterday -- also Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. McMurry--(calling on Mrs. Nicholson but found her from home) and in all my rounds I heard no news of importance.

War Journal of Lucy Virginia French, February 1, 1863.



31, On the Death of Zollicoffer.

First in the fight, and first in the arms

Of the white winged angels of glory,
With the heart of the South at the feet of God,
And his wounds to tell the story!

The blood which flowed from this hero heart,
On the spot where he nobly perished,
Was drank by the earth as a sacrament,
In the holy cause he cherished.

In Heaven, a home with the brave and best,
And for his soul's sustaining,
The Apocalyptic eyes of Christ!
And nothing on earth remaining

But a handful of dust in the land of his choice,
A name in song and story,
And fame to shout, with her trumpet voice,
Died on the field of Glory!

Chattanooga Daily Rebel, January 31, 1863.

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