Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 30 - Tennessee Civil War Notes

30, Newspaper report on the condition of the Confederate Army at Tullahoma after the Battle of Stones River




Tullahoma is a melancholy place. It is a little wayside depot, with a few squalid huts, a few framed housed and cottages, and a great many body lice-just now. It was once a famous locality for maple sugar and gin cocktails. Devilish little of both "at last advises." Camps, soldiers, and snow now predominate. The ground is covered with snow. It flies through the crevices of this tent, even as I write. A motley tent this, I tell you -- made out of a Brussels carpet and a coffee sack. Four of us occupy it and pass our time in martial meditations fancy free. Lord, if the General could only hear us! However, we regard this situation as a good one because it isn't likely to bring us into a fight shortly. Fighting, since Murfreesboro, is at a discount....


That Murfreesboro business was bloody, you can yet see the traces of it. An empty sleeve now and again, or two crutches, or a face with a big patch on the side of its head. But the boys are in good spirits, never saw them better. I meet many an old friend, "Well, how goes it old boy?" says he, "Sorry you were not with us down there, but-better luck next time Jolly old fight!" For endurance, personal daring and enthusiastic onset it has not been equaled since the time the war began. Here's a health to its heroes!"


(signed) "BUSTEMENTE"


Chattanooga Daily Rebel January 30, 1863.

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